Improving your business one risk at a time

As part of a multi-dimensional, high-performing financial services company, we're uniquely positioned to provide you with the highest level of innovative risk management services.

Our proprietary process, Client Focused Risk Solutions®, is a blend of the traditional brokerage-driven service, enterprise risk management and total cost of risk strategies, and is comprised of five broad phases.

Our process

1. Identify

Traditional models focus primarily on hazard risks, but experience indicates only 30% of total risk cost lies here. Our strategy is four-fold:

  • Operational
  • Strategic
  • Financial
  • Hazard

2. Analyze

Our consultants analyze and quantify risks through analytical and actuarial techniques by reviewing information such as:

  • Financial statements
  • Historical operations data
  • Loss history

3. Strategy

Based on our analysis, we pinpoint opportunities to mitigate future risk, allowing us to recommend various solutions such as:

  • Risk financing options (including captives)
  • Workplace safety
  • Claim trend analysis and open claim reviews
  • M&A consultation and due diligence
  • Supply chain risk analysis

4. Implement

A solid strategy leads to a detailed implementation plan with an owner and timeline. Regular reviews help determine a rational and timely implementation for all strategies.

5. Monitor & modify

Every year, we develop a stewardship report detailing the accomplishments and impact on your total cost of risk. This holistic approach helps you:

  • Identify risks
  • Develop a strategy to manage those risks
  • Implement the strategy
  • Measure the strategy's results

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