Protect your online exposure

Don’t be fooled into thinking you don't have an exposure if you aren't an online retailer. All businesses have an exposure.

  • If you have a network with personally identifiable employee information and/or corporate confidential client information, you have an exposure: Failure to secure sensitive or confidential information, creating vulnerabilities in a vendor or client system, or transmission of malware will expose you to third-party liability that could affect your business profitability and reputation.
  • If you have paper files with confidential information, you have an exposure if these records are improperly disposed or stolen. This would include not only physical documents but personal electronic devices, or computer data including computer back-up medium.
  • If you have a website, you have a digital content exposure for claims of personal injury and trademark infringements. Extortion attacks to websites are on the rise, resulting in ransom demands as well as the potential for substantial forensic costs.
  • If you have email you have an exposure of that system being infiltrated.

Types of coverage

We can design coverage to fit your needs including:

  • Network security and privacy liability including regulatory penalties
  • Breach response notification and related crisis management expenses
  • Cyber extortion and ransom demand
  • Network business interruption for security breaches and system failures from human error
  • Reputation damage
  • Data restoration cost
  • Website media
  • Cyber crime for social engineering due to phishing attacks through email

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