Recreational vehicles require unique insurance coverage

Recreational vehicle insurance can be very different from car insurance depending on the type of RV or motorhome you own and how much you use it. But whether you have a camper trailer for weekend getaways and day trips, a large RV for extended vacations, or a motorhome that you use as your primary residence, we'll make sure you have the right coverage.

We partner with some of the finest insurance companies across the country specializing in recreational vehicle coverage for motor homes, travel trailers and fifth-wheel vehicles.

Need to add your towing or companion vehicles? We cover those too.

Types of coverage

We offer specialized coverage plans for:

  • Personal items to cover your clothing, electronics and tools
  • Accessories to protect your awnings, antennas, satellite dishes and other attached accessories
  • Emergency expenses to pay for temporary living expenses—such as hotel stay and car rental—if your recreational vehicle is involved in an accident more than 50 miles from home
  • Fire, flood and theft to insure both your recreational vehicle and its contents

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