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Life moves fast and significant events like these can make it difficult to know if you and your loved ones are adequately protected:

  • Beneficiary changes
  • Business ownership
  • Charitable giving
  • Childbirth or adoption
  • College expense
  • Death (family member)
  • Divorce
  • Home purchase
  • Increased debts
  • Job change
  • Marriage
  • Retirement

It’s important to know if your existing insurance really fits your financial needs. We offer complimentary life insurance reviews on a regular basis and recommend you evaluate and update your coverage at least once every five years.

Not an existing client?

Consider a complimentary insurance policy review from BB&T Life Insurance Services. We can help you determine if your current coverage is aligned with your financial goals.

    Review Process

    We offer an insurance policy review at no cost to BB&T banking clients and you are not obligated to purchase insurance from BB&T Life Insurance Services.

    A thorough review may indicate your policy is performing as expected. If our review reveals underperformance, we’ll explain potential improvements and their benefits.

    Consider these important factors when you are evaluating whether to surrender or exchange your existing policy:

    • Fees for contract surrender or exchange
    • Physical examination requirement
    • Higher premiums or disqualification for coverage (if you are not in good health)
    • New contestability period
    • Tax liability (please consult your tax advisor)

    Performance & Cost

    A number of factors can affect the performance and cost of your insurance policy, including:

    • Interest rates
    • Under funding (or funded with a combination of term and permanent coverage) to keep costs down
    • Longer than expected or higher than expected premiums
    • Premiums based on old (pre-2001) mortality tables
    • Policy end of term
    • New riders offering more appropriate features, e.g., Return of Premium or Guaranteed Death Benefit Protection

    Life insurance products are offered through Crump Life Insurance Services, Inc., doing business as BB&T Life Insurance Services, a subsidiary of BB&T Insurance Holdings, Inc.

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