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You’ve worked hard to build your business; we work hard to protect it. Our commercial property insurance helps safeguard your company property against the risk of loss, theft or damage, and can protect you against:

  • Business interruption
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of the use of your property

Commercial property insurance is one of the first types of insurance you should look into when you launch a new business.


    Losses caused by fire, theft and other disasters are included in most basic “multiple-peril” policies. Our loss control experts can tailor an insurance program to fit your situation and protect your business from:

    • Burst water pipe damage
    • Fire destruction
    • Storm damage


    Whether you own your building, lease your workspace, or work from home, we can protect your business’s physical assets, including:

    • Buildings
    • Fences and landscaping
    • Outdoor signs


    If you don’t own the building where you do business, you still need to cover its contents. Consider your investment in:

    • Documents, drawings and valuable papers
    • Fixtures
    • Furniture
    • Inventory
    • Office equipment
    • Supplies (stored on- or off-site)

    At McGriff Insurance Services, we get inside your operation to cover the risks you know about, and uncover the ones you don't.

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