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When you're competing for new projects, you don't need bond issues to ruin your plans. Without bonding:

  • You may not secure your professional license or permit to operate your business
  • You are not eligible to bid on most public and many private projects
  • You may not qualify as a subcontractor

Whether you need commercial, contract or subdivision bonds, McGriff Insurance Services can help. We use state-of-the-art software and a vast network of brokers to maximize your surety credit and simplify the bonding process.

McGriff Insurance Services also offers surety bond support services for small, women- and minority-owned, and other qualified businesses.


    The surety marketplace is complicated. We can underwrite a broad spectrum of risks, including:

    • Bid
    • License and permit
    • Performance and payment
    • Supply
    • Release of lien

    Contact one of our insurance specialists today and get the bonds you need.

    Contract Services

    Our Bonding & Surety Services team has the industry knowledge and business tools to help clients assess their risk and take advantage of bonding opportunities.

    • Contract surety for service contracts, supply and non-construction performance, and payment bonds
    • Court and fiduciary bonds for individuals serving as executors, trustees, administrators, guardians and conservators
    • Court and litigant court bonds (plaintiff and defendant) for attachment, injunction, appeal cost and release of lien
    • License and permit bonds required by statute, municipal ordinance or regulation, such as contractor license, reclamation, customs, road use and tax
    • Miscellaneous bonds, including lost instrument, cable franchise and workers’ compensation

    Subdivision Bonds

    Subdivision bonds are required by the state or locality where a subdivision will be built. With subdivision bonds, the owner of a project guarantees installed improvements that are dedicated to the public, but paid for by the owner or developer. Improvements may include:

    • Streets and lighting
    • Houses and multi-use buildings
    • Common areas, playgrounds and greenways
    • Gutters and drainage ditches

    With subdivision bonds, there are no surprises. Everyone is anticipating the same final product—according to a mutually agreed upon contract and schedule.

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