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Healthier lifestyle for employees.
Healthier bottom line for employers.

CarePlus is our unique employee benefits solution designed to improve care and wellness for employees while lowering costs for employers.

It features:

  • Fully or self–insured employee benefits programs
  • Full spectrum of administrative services and solutions
  • Benefits technology
  • Health management and rewards programs
  • Retirement plan services
  • Two private exchange options

CarePlus offers employers budget predictability and value for their health and welfare expense, a competitive advantage in their market, and increased employee productivity and morale.

It is designed to:

  • Keep health care renewal costs as low as possible
  • Keep necessary operating expenses at manageable levels
  • Improve wellness and productivity
  • Offer more care choices to employees
  • Align key stakeholders—providers, carriers, brokers, employers and employees
  • Use technology to track and monitor metrics and to administer solutions through print, web, tablet and smart phone

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    • Gain a better understanding of your employee population’s health risks
    • Control medical claims through fewer medical services and better outcomes
    • Improve the health status of your employees
    • Engage your employees in improving their health and treatment outcomes
    • Improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
    • Reduce disability, workers compensation and safety claims
    • Support your employee attraction and retention strategies

    Cost Management

    For 2013, CarePlus posted average rate increases of just under 3% for its fully insured program and just under 1% for its self-insured program—far below industry norms.


    Carrier Norms

    Loss Ratio



    Large Claims


    30% (>$50,000 as % of total claims)

    Average Large Claims


    $130,000 (>$50,000)

    CD HSA Plan Enrollment



    Drug Generic Usage




    CarePlus is proud of its record of working with carriers to achieve our mutual goals of member health and satisfaction.

    All health care professionals are dedicated to delivering the best care and results to their members by providing measurable value to their customers and partners and working hard to improve the overall health of the communities they serve.

    Strong partnerships with distributors and partners make this possible. This is a hallmark with CarePlus.

    With nearly 250,000 covered members in our fully-insured and self-insured group health plans, our population health management programs improve the risk profile of our employers’ populations and support our carrier partners’ business objectives.

    Our programs are designed to work alongside our carriers’ programs in an integrated effort to keep our employers’ employees healthy and productive.


    CarePlus continues to see its members change their behaviors and activities.

    Regardless of insurance carrier, health system or even private practice, your CarePlus patients will be engaged and willing partners in maintaining or restoring their health through best practices.

    CarePlus members are more engaged in healthy activities. Adopted activities to improve health—2011 results:


    Carrier Baseline

    Health Assessment



    Biometric Screening



    Health Coaching



    Prenatal Programs



    Condition/Disease Management



    Case Management



    Improved member engagement in healthy activities improves your patients’ health and ability to recover from illness.

    CarePlus Benefits Exchanges

    The CarePlus Benefits Exchanges are designed to ease employers’ transition toward a fixed–budget approach to group health plans while employees get access to more benefit options than under traditional arrangements.

    The CarePlus Benefits Exchanges, available in Standard and Custom options, let employees select their own health, dental, vision, life and disability coverage, among other benefits, from various national and regional insurance providers in an online marketplace.

    The exchanges help address the underlying cost of health care by spotlighting and rewarding healthy behavior. They also allow employers to better plan for the future and avoid the potential volatility of traditional benefits budgets.

    • The CarePlus Standard Exchange—The Standard Exchange is designed for employers looking for low administrative overhead. It offers a user–friendly website featuring decision–support tools, help center, videos and an information library to promote healthy living and wellness.

    • The CarePlus Custom Exchange—Designed for employers who want to customize their platform based on unique goals and objectives and offer an employee shopping experience that includes an extra level of benefits. Employees receive regular, personalized communications for example based on their own health status, coordinated by teams of medical, nutrition and physical fitness experts. The Custom Exchange also was developed for self-insured group health plans.

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